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4 Mini Chicken Fillets
Price:  £4.20
Chicken Drumsticks (Pack of 4)
Price:  £2.50
Chicken Fillets (2 Pack)
Price:  £4.20
Chicken Thighs (Pack of 2)
Price:  £2.50
Diced Turkey (500g)
Price:  £4.30
Diced Turkey (1kg)
Price:  £8.40
Fresh Chickens (3lb)
Approx size: 1.5kg/each
Estimated price:  £6.50
Approx size: 4.53kg
Estimated price:  £8.99a
Approx size: 4.98kg
Estimated price:  £8.99a
Approx size: 5.44kg
Estimated price:  £8.99a
Pesto Chicken Wrapped in Puff Pastry (Pack of 2)
Price:  £5.99
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