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Sausages & Burgers

Beef Burgers 2 x 100g
Price:  £2.20
Beef Burgers 4 x 100g
Price:  £4.20
Beef Sliders (Pack of 4)
Price:  £2.20
Blyth Banger (500g)
Price:  £4.70
Cumberland Sausage (500g)
Price:  £4.70
Extra Lean Pork Sausages (500g)
Price:  £4.60
Gluten Free Pork Sausage (500g)
Price:  £4.70
Northumberland Sausages (500g)
Price:  £4.70
Pigs In Blankets 12 Pack
Price:  £4.50
Pigs In Blankets 24 Pack
Price:  £9.00
Pigs in Blankets Kebabs
Price:  £7.99
Pork Chipolatas (1kg)
Price:  £9.40
Pork Chipolatas (500g)
Price:  £4.70
Pork Sausagemeat (1kg)
Price:  £8.60
Pork Sausagemeat (500g)
Price:  £4.30
Sausage Burgers (100g)
Price:  £1.20
Sausage Burgers (200g)
Price:  £2.40
Stuffing Balls
Price:  £2.99
Thick Pork Sausages (500g)
Price:  £4.40
Thin Pork Sausages (500g)
Price:  £4.40
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