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Holiday Cottage Kit 2

Holiday Cottage Kit 2
1.5ltr Marlish Still Spring Water,
Innocent Orange Juice,
Fruit Cordial,
2ltr Organic Semi-Skimmed Milk,
Northumberland Tea,
Ringtons Traditional Blend Coffee- Filter Grind,
Large White Sliced Loaf,
Sticky Toffee Cutting Cake,
6 Pack of Assorted Cupcakes,
Organic Butter,
Tarset Valley Seville Marmalade,
Strawberry Jam,
Tweedside Honey (Set),
1/2 Dozen Large Free Range Eggs,
500g Thin Pork Sausage,
500g Home Cured Back Bacon,
Quiche Lorraine,
200g Chicken Nuggets,
4 x 100g Beef Burgers,
2 Chicken Breasts,
300g Oak Smoked Craster Kipper Fillets,
Serves 4 Beef Lasagne,
1.5kg Loose Potatoes,
500g Carrots,
500g Onions,
500g Bananas,
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