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Security Policy

Last updated 30 April 2015.

We know that when you send your personal data to us you need to be confident that we have the security systems in place to look after it properly. This Security Policy explains the security we use when we communicate across the Internet and when we store your personal data. If you have any queries concerning the security of your personal data please contact us.

1. Collecting information from you.
When you navigate to any page on our website that requires you to input sensitive personal data our website will insist that the connection with your browser is secure. We do this using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology which encrypts the data you send to us keeping it private.

2. How do you know when the connection is secure?
In the status bar at the bottom of your web browser there will be a closed padlock.

3. Storage of your data.
We store your personal data on secure servers located in specialist data centres with state-of-the-art electronic and physical security. These servers are not accessible from the Internet. Credit and debit card numbers you enter through the website are stored securily by our payment service provider, Payment Sense, and are never stored by us and cannot be read by any of our staff.

4. Communication with other servers.
In processing your orders and payments we send your data across the Internet to other servers e.g. the payment service provider. Whenever we do this we encrypt and secure your data in a similar manner to when we get data from you.

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